Prosser Facts

Driveways look great when we pave them

“First impressions matter most”, visitors to your home are surely going to be impressed when they see your Driveways neatly paved. Our workmanship is par excellence and we take great care to bring the best out of your Driveways. We use modern machinery to ensure that your Driveways do not sink after sometime and the Paving blocks disarrange themselves and the evenness of the Driveways are disturbed and your drive in, is a nasty experience.

We compact your Driveways well and only when we are satisfied that the ground firm that we lay the Paving blocks. We know by our years of experience the anxiety that home owners have had to endure due to slipshod workmanship. We offer a comprehensive warranty for all work carried out by us, hence talk to us and we will apprise you of the details covering such warranties.

Getting us to install Permeable paving in areas that are susceptible to leaking or spilling liquid, you will be thoroughly satisfied when we have finished. Our commitment to quality workmanship has never been compromised, and we ensure that all work executed are within the laws of your local council. There are specific regulations that govern any Permeable construction within your premises and it is imperative that you adhere strictly. Non compliance could cost you money, time and unnecessary problems with the authorities. Having carried out many chores for a multitude of our customers, we are experienced and knowledgeable to work within those regulations.

Our planned expansions going into the next few years, call for a further increase in our market share and to meet these objectives we would like to hear from those committed individuals who would Buy Paving business and join hands with us for a mutually beneficial business relationship. We set very high standards and expect nothing less from those who would collaborate with us. A Paving Franchise from us would set you on a very eventful and rich experience.

We will entrust you work covering Spray Paving andCoatings in addition to Paving Driveways, installing Permeable paving among other services we may add into your portfolio. We envisage a long and fruitful relationship with our franchisees, and today have an impressive 3,200 of them on our list. 



Your Home is your little Heaven, where you would need everything to be as perfect as possible. Your comfort when at home is paramount, and nothing should prevent you and your loved ones from enjoying the joys of being at home, together and in each other’s company.

To enjoy your time at home, everything should be perfect as possible, the roof should not be leaking and drains should not be clogging during a storm. The electrical systems should be in extremely good working order without posing danger to those within and your air-conditioning and heating systems should be working at optimum levels.

Most modern homes today, utilize an abundance of glass to create an ambience of open living areas allowing more Sunlight to flow through large panes. This is well and good and does not necessitate the use of electrical lighting during the daylight hours. Though this is an advantage, it has it’s disadvantages too.

Solar energy with it’s Ultra Violet (UV) rays could be harmful to those exposed to the Sun’s harsh rays even when indoors. Exposure to UV rays could possibly culminate in skin and other cancers. Jim’s Home window tinting Perth using high quality solar window film could eliminate harmful UV rays by 99%, glare by 93% and heat by 80%, from filtering through the glass panes.

Solar film will also protect the upholstery of furniture and other valuable items from fading and warping, ad also enhances protection from injury if accidentally damaged.

Offices and large showrooms also should use solar window film, to reduce on energy bills. With drastic loss in heat exchange the interior of the offices will be cooler and the need to have your air-conditioning at maximum will not arise, and hence you would save on energy bills.

Jim’s Office window tinting Perth could come around and provide the best choices that would provide great solutions to your energy problems.

Most cars in Perth today have the approved tinting on it’s windows. This gives a cooler interior and gives those inside a very comfortable drive. Jim’s Car window tinting Perth is just a call away and we would be happy to see your car and submit a very competitive quote to make you drive more comfortable, and less costly.


Bringing the unemployment rate down

Sri Lanka could boast of a comparatively low unemployment rate, which is at 4.5% compared to most countries in the world.

Blessed with a low population growth rate of 0.86% and a high literacy rate of 93%, and located strategically in the Indian Ocean just a few nautical miles away from the major shipping lanes from the East to the West we have still to take advantage of our strengths, but have let our self inflicted weaknesses to keep us, just above being a “pariah and failed” state of the world, thanks to the democratic traditions that have been enshrined in us by the British.

Sri Lanka’s natural resources are more than enough to bring us prosperity by rejuvenating our economy with new job vacancies being created for our youth to begin living bountiful lives.

Our education system should be jobs oriented with new jobs being made available to the youth. Vacancies for Sri Lankan jobs should occur naturally without employment being political musical chairs.

The quantum of jobs in Sri Lanka should increase naturally and graduates should have ample top jobs to choose from. They should be able to walk into the best jobs, and grow in the system to have a top job Sri Lanka in their prime.

Openings for topjobs should be a natural phenomenon and caste, creed or religion should not be a barrier to succeed the top job.

Could Sri Lanka turn it’s course around and be “the miracle of Asia” that we tried to dream closing our eyes but facing the mid-day Sun.

Or would it be the same grind where we have to look to rakiyawa to help us prepare our cv to succeed in a job